What Is A Liquidity Pool And Why Participants Are Rewarded?

In preparations for the upcoming LP reward program with DISCIPLINA, we decided to make a short explainer on liquidity pools.

As a brief reminder, we are launching an APYS/DSCPL LP staking pair at Pancakeswap with the provision of USDT incentivization. Our partners at DISCIPLINA were kind enough to publish the detailed participation tutorial. Check it out!

And now, without any further delay, let’s talk about the liquidity pools.

A liquidity pool within the DeFi space refers to the collection of tokens locked in a smart contract. It allows for more efficient asset trading since the availability of liquidity for a specific token reduces the chance that the prices will drastically change.

As the result, the teams of various projects try to incentivize the provision of liquidity by the means of various rewards. The teams behind APYSwap and DISCIPLINA are no exception. The idea of user incentivization led to this joint collaboration between our teams.

In exchange for providing the liquidity at the Pancakeswap pool, APYS holders will gain an opportunity for the additional means of incentivization from the combined USDT reward fund put up by APYSwap and DISCIPLINA.

By getting the APYS/DSCPL LP tokens, holders will be able to stake them in a special contract and share the dividends out of the reward pool. The longer you participate — the higher the reward you get.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, please stay in touch with the latest APYSwap and DISCIPLINA news.