Unlocking The APYSwap Vault

Familiarize yourself with the concept of tokenized vaults

DeFi, with its limitless solutions and possibilities, is not the simplest thing to master. Maximizing your returns requires time, information, and an ability to sift through all the confusing protocols while balancing everything delicately. For a landscape that is ever changing, this can be incredibly time consuming for the average user.

But that’s about to change with APYSwap vaults.

For traders, especially those who trade more casually, the process of studying every service and researching every protocol is time consuming and can sometimes be frustrating. APYSwap offers a unique solution to this problem by being a protocol for the creation and trading of shares within a Tokenized Vault through a decentralized manner across chains. Users of APYSwap can combine their assets on multiple blockchains (such as Ethereum, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain) into APYSwap native vaults. Then users can just manage and control their vaults using APYSwap like a regular ERC-20 token, Vaults can be partially or completely transferred to a third party as well. Whatsmore, casual traders will be able to purchase shares of Vaults managed by seasoned traders or even portfolio managers and receive passive income without ever needing to DYOR (however that is recommended). In short, APYSwap helps newer DeFi users get acclimated to the ecosystem faster by allowing them to buy a certain amount of shares from the vault of a more seasoned trader.

For portfolio managers, APYSwap implements a delegation function for user assets and creates a marketplace for trading these financial assets. APYSwap provides support to various DeFi protocols, so portfolio managers can use APYSwap tools to create financial products on the protocols they are familiar with. A portfolio manager will not need to worry about the technical development and end-user experience, instead, they can focus on their actual DeFi portfolio. Besies, portfolio managers will be incentivized for offering unique projects on their portfolio, making APYSwap a live and sustainable DeFi ecosystem.

Here’ a graphical example of how APYSwap vaults are unlocked

At its core, a Vault is a smart contract. Users can create one and use it to store liquidity, in this version of APYSwap Vaults, one can lock their vaults for one of the predefined time intervals. One is very brief (to test how the whole process works) and others are longer and also reward you with APYS tokens.

When a user locks their Vault, it becomes a transferable asset, acting like a regular ERC-20 token. They can transfer part of the ownership to someone else. Once the lock interval is over, users can draw liquidity from their vaults too.

For casual traders, making a vault through APYSwap is not only simple, but also profitable as they receive a markup and liquidity without having to manage their portfolio. For pro-traders, they can manage all their assets on one platform and focus on their portfolios here. On the flip side, users buying shares of the vaults from seasoned traders or portfolio managers receive passive income streams with an ease of mind of not having to worry about actively managing the assets. For portfolio managers, they won’t need to worry about any technical details and can focus on their portfolio while being rewarded. APYSwap is truly bringing everyone together to build a sustainable DeFi ecosystem.