Launching LP farming in collaboration with DISCIPLINA

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with DISCIPLINA!

Together, we will launch an LP-reward program, aimed at DISCIPLINA and APYSwap communities. DSCPL/APYS LP staking pair will be available at Pancakeswap with an additional USDT incentivization.

Moreover, as DISCIPLINA is setting its sights on multi-chain provision of its services, we believe that this incentivization program is simply the beginning of the long and fruitful collaboration between our projects.

As you know, our main goal is to improve the cross-chain operability within the DeFi ecosystem. This is precisely why we decided to integrate DISCIPLINA to Solbridge, a project powered by the APYSwap Foundation, enabling them to get their services across a number of EVM networks that Solbridge supports, as well as Solana.

Working our way through making the cross-chain more accessible, it is important to establish quality partnerships along the way, and we cannot be any happier to have DISCIPLINA on board.

If you are curious to learn more about DISCIPLINA and stay up to date with our news, follow the links below.


DISCIPLINA is a multifunctional blockchain for projects in the educational and recruiting spheres. It provides the transparency of work and creates conditions of maintaining confidentiality and reliability of information added by system participants. DISCIPLINA doesn’t use any other blockchains in its work, and is being developed for the demands of the educational and recruiting fields, taking into account the specificity of their work.

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About APYSwap Foundation:

APYSwap Foundation is established to inspire and support new projects using the APYSwap ecosystem. All of the parts in APYSwap Product Matrix can and will be independent, with APYSwap playing the key role in bringing these projects together. So whether you’re building a Vault or a Marketplace or an Oracle or even a bridge, the APYSwap Foundation is here to help.

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APYSwap Foundation is established to inspire and support new projects using the APYSwap ecosystem.