Introducing Signature Vaults

We are excited to introduce you to Signature Vaults, the latest implementation of APYSwap’s tokenization technology.

We developed this latest feature with those people in mind who are in constant search of quality crypto projects and share personal opinions with their community members. These members keep track of the recent developments to see new additions to the list of prospective projects. By utilizing the Signature Vaults, experts effectively display the projects they believe yield the largest investment returns, while also allowing community members to copy their personal portfolios.

With the help of this feature, experts will be able to create a specific portfolio arrangement and lock it inside a personal Signature Vault. At first, the price of this vault is going to be determined by the experts themselves, however, in the future, we plan to introduce the oracle pricing when they become available at our platform.

Followers will be able to purchase a certain share of experts’ portfolio with a one click solution in exchange for the ownership tokens. These tokens can later be burnt to receive a corresponding share of assets, locked inside experts’ portfolio. By burning said tokens, smart contract will distribute to the followers the assets from the Signature Vault, proportionally to the share that they own and deducting it from the vault.

This feature incentivizes community involvement and simplifies the tracking of the projects, suggested to be of value by the expert. Instead of purchasing individual tokens, experts can arrange any kind of combinations they deem suitable and lock them inside their vaults. In addition, experts and the projects, whose tokens are arranged in portfolios, will benefit from the cross-marketing, raising the awareness of their personal brands and establishing partnership synergy.

Of course, by virtue of being a cross-chain-oriented platform, we are going to offer Signature Vaults on a number of different chains. At release, Signature Vaults will be available on Ethereum, BSC and HECO networks. In the future, we plan to implement Solana and Tezos support. This way we establish an additional product use case for our tokenized vaults, while spreading the awareness of the experts’ brand at the same time and promoting the projects they support.

We hope you found this latest use case exciting as we are going to rollout the Signature Vaults very soon. We are looking forward to seeing you interact with the experts’ and profit from their expertise.

APYSwap Foundation is established to inspire and support new projects using the APYSwap ecosystem.