Getting LP rewards with DISCIPLINA

LP reward program is coming to APYSwap with the help of guys over at DISCIPLINA.

A week ago, we announced our partnership with DISCIPLINA and our joint plans for launching the LP reward program. We are pleased to announce that both the DSCPL token holders and APYS token holders will be rewarded from a joint reward fund. The program dividends will be distributed among the event participants.

The last time DISCIPLINA launched farming, users had an opportunity to receive over 600% APY. Here is a summary of the previous program

The procedure is quite simple, a holder may get APYS/DSCPL LP tokens at Pancakeswap and stake them in a special contract for a round lasting for 14 days. Each round will automatically reward all of the participants as soon as it ends. The dividends and the fund are held in USDT.

The rewards will take into account how long a user participated, as well as the amount of funds they used for participation. At the end of each round, users have an opportunity to either withdraw their dividends or continue to participate in the LP-reward program for the next batch of rewards.

Therefore, the longer the user stakes, the more dividends they receive monthly.

We are going to share more details about the LP-reward program, including the detailed participation rules and the launch date. Thus, we advise you to keep track of our media channels to stay up to speed with the announcements.

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