BSC Community Giveaway Ends

Over the course of these four weeks, we have launched four amazing NFTs with the help of our partners over at First NFT Agency.

Together, we were able to produce inspiring pieces of work, and we are happy that so many of you decided to participate in the event. It was our pleasure to bring the shared ownership of the NFTs to the BSC community.

We would like to remind you that only those who tweeted and completed the form will be eligible to receive rewards for their corresponding share of the NFTs. Since we only have a limited number of shares, only the first 500 of you who claimed and tweeted will be rewarded with the share per NFT.

At the moment, we are eagerly waiting until Binance launches their NFT Marketplace, which will be an important milestone for the entire NFT ecosystem. As soon as it is up, we will offer 4 of our NFTs for sale and when they are sold, we will distribute the funds among claimers according to their shares (0.1% per NFT per user). We are looking forward to rewarding the most proactive community members.

Meanwhile, while we wait, take a final look at the NFTs to appreciate their design before they are acquired at the Binance Marketplace:

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