BSC community giveaway

Following the success of our previous NFT community event, we are excited to share news that 4 more NFTs will be available for shared ownership. However, this time the event will not be limited to APYS holders, the entire BSC community will be able to take part in this giveaway!

And, of course, there is nothing that fits this event best, than to release the NFTs of the key figure, whom we have to thank for the success of the BSC network — Mr. CZ. Within the next month, we will present 4 different NFTs featuring CZ, available for claiming weekly. Let us introduce you to the first one.

First NFT will be released on May 19 and it is anyone’s game to claim. Every week we will share a sneak peek into the next NFT available for claiming. Similarly, to the previous launch, we are collaborating with guys over at First NFT Agency, whose incredible design talent is at full display when you briefly glance over these NFTs.

So, what do you need to claim a share? We are glad you asked! The conditions are quite simple, really.

1. Go to and claim the share

2. Tweet that you just claimed a share of NFT in APYSwap’s tokenized vault using the following tags: $APYS, @FirstNft, #BSC and #APYS4BSC.

3. Fill out the form to verify your participation

This is the form for the FIRST week. Every week we will update you with a new NFT preview and a corresponding form.

Please keep in mind that only those who tweeted and completed the form will be eligible to receive a reward for their share.

As per usual, NFT will be minted on OpenSea, then wrapped and placed into the APYSwap’s vault on BSC network. Users will have an entire week to claim their shares, tweet about it and complete the form. Up to 50% of the NFT will be split between community members, offering 0.1% NFT share per user. First 500 users who claimed and tweeted will be rewarded with a share. Every NFT’s share can be claimed once.

By the end of 4 weeks, we will lock the NFTs in vaults and wait for the BSC’s NFT marketplace to release. At release, we will sell the NFTs using their platform, and reward community members in exchange for burning their shares.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get a piece of these amazing NFTs!