Bridge from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain is finally here!

Let’s begin by going over some of the details. Firstly, APYS token circulation on BSC will not add to the total circulation. Tokens will be locked on Ethereum bridge contract and sent out from BSC bridge contract. You can transfer tokens back to Ethereum, by locking them on BSC, after which they are released from Ethereum bridge contract.

At the moment, we’ve minted 100,000 APYS on the BSC bridge contract and transferred 50,000 APYS from Ethereum to BSC (to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap). A BNB/APYS trading pair was also launched at PancakeSwap.

This is all of the information that you need, to complete a bridge transfer:

Bridge address on Ethereum:

Bridge address on BSC:

Token address on BSC:

In addition, here is a link to the Bridge’s Web UI:

To use the bridge from Ethereum to BSC, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by login into your MetaMask wallet:

2. Click “Send” to enter the bridge menu

3. Type in the recipient’s address on Binance Smart Chain as well as the amount you wish to transfer

4. Now you have to approve the APYS amount, you can either confirm the amount you typed in the previous screen, or approve the full amount instead (if you approve the full amount, you do not have to approve it in the future). Wait until the transaction is confirmed. After the confirmation, you will be asked to verify locking your funds on Ethereum.

You will receive the Transaction ID, when the transfer to the bridge contract is completed:

5. Switch the network in your MetaMask wallet to Binance Smart Chain and go to the “Receive” screen. There you will have to enter the Transaction ID (the Transaction ID will be shown to you when you send funds successfully). Click “Receive”, approve the transaction and you will get APYS on your BSC address.

If you didn’t select the correct blockchain in the “Receive” screen, you will get the following error message:

Finally, now that the bridge is launched, we would like to reward the BSC grant program voters for their participation. 40 APYS will be given away to winners. The rewards will be distributed on March 19 at 17:30 UTC.