APYSwap is joining forces together with OpenDeFi, Razor Network, Playcent and HAPI to form a UniFarm Cohort 4

We are happy to announce that APYSwap, together with OpenDeFi, RazorNetwork, Playcent and HAPI, are taking part in UniFarm staking. On March 23 at 9PM IST, UniFarm staking will be launched for Cohort 4. The most prominent feature of this staking program is the fact that ALL of the tokens from EVERY single project will be available for farming.

Users, taking part in staking, will receive them on a week-by-week schedule. For example, if one chooses to stake APYS, for the first week they will earn APYS, then, for the second week, they will earn APYS as well as ORO tokens. During the third week, users will earn APYS, ORO and PCNT, and so on.

That is, however, if users stake continuously. They may choose to unstake at any time, though as soon as they unstake, their weekly progress will be reset. This is due to the compounding gamified framework of the staking program: the longer you stake — the larger your reward is. UniFarm pool will last for 180 days, making it the longest pool so far, so there is plenty of time to take part in it.

Over the course of the staking campaign, users will be able to gain a minimum of 36% of APYS and up to 250% of APYS. The total reward pool size is $200k — $50k per participant and a total of $500k can be staked for all of the projects combined. We welcome you to join the staking and support us as well as our partners!

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