APYS Syrup Pool launches on PancakeSwap!

We are very happy to become a part of PancakeSwap family, who are launching a new Syrup Pool for APYSwap. Here are some details about the pool:

Total Tokens: 172,000 APYS

Distribution duration: 60 days

Start block: 6353200 (April 7th 3PM SGT)

Finish block: 8081200 (June 6th 3PM SGT)

Token rewards per block: 0.09953 APYS

You will be able to stake CAKE tokens to earn APYS rewards by following the steps below:

· Go to PancakeSwap website: https://pancakeswap.finance/syrup

· Select “Approve CAKE” on the APYS Syrup Pool

· Click on the stake button

· Confirm the transaction

To host the APYS Syrup Pool an APYS-BNB farm will be launched. It is important to note that the CAKE rewards are doubled for the first 48 hours of farming. Please be sure to approve it via vote.

To avoid the loss of funds, verify that you are using APYS’s official contract address on Binance Smart Chain: https://bscscan.com/address/0x37dfACfaeDA801437Ff648A1559d73f4C40aAcb7

We highly recommend you to explore PancakeSwap’s more extensive article about the APYS Syrup Pool.

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