APYS migrates to a new bridge

Disclaimer: following the inquiries, we would like to clarify something. We assure you that APYS token is not going anywhere, we are simply changing the technology behind bridging APYS to other networks from our own to the new one, developed by Solbridge. In addition, Solbridge will have its own token, BRDG, separate from APYS (though you will be able to stake APYS for farming BRDG in the future, more details on that later).

We are bringing you some exciting news! Solbridge is now live, and it supports every network APYSwap bridged to in the past, namely Ethereum, BSC, HECO, Polygon and Solana. This new generation bridge from our partners offers convenient cross-chain transfers to APYSwap community members.

As avid believers in the cross-chain deployment, we are excited to join forces with an incubatee of ours in a mutually beneficial and prosperous business relationship. Starting today, you can transfer APYS across a number of different blockchains with the help of their platform. These are truly exciting times for the APYS holders, with more prospective projects coming soon to the APYSwap Foundation.

What’s great is that Solbridge services are not limited to the APYSwap only. Any project or blockchain could be onboarded by the Solbridge team and gain access to their bridge technology. We are proud to have supported them ever since the project was first pitched to the APYSwap Foundation. Under our guidance, they were able to develop a marvelous project.

We would like to point out that the Solbridge team welcomes each and every project in need of the bridging services. Apply now to qualify for Solbridge platform and make your project available cross-chain on a number of different EVM-networks as well as Solana. With such a large portfolio of networks and more chains to come, bridging can’t get any better!

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