Recently we introduced a new section to APYSwap’s website, where users could track how many tokens they are eligible for, following May’s snapshot. As we move on to the second stage, users may start claiming tokens.

To proceed with claiming, go to the airdrop section. Connect your MetaMask as well…

APYS staking launches today!

APYS holders have an opportunity to participate in Foundation’s staking pool on Solana. Worry not, every holder can partake in staking, as Allbridge’s solution allows you to transfer your APYS from any supported network to Solana.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly for our holders, we…

The long-awaited Allbridge token airdrop for APYS holders is nearly there!

As a quick reminder, every project we onboard is required to allocate 10% of its total supply to the APYSwap Foundation. These funds will then be used to reward the APYS holders. …

We would like to announce that APYSwap Foundation is entering into a strategic partnership with Ariadne — a multi-chain asset aggregator. Ariadne will join Allbridge as the second member of the Foundation. Allbridge’s assistance will provide them with means for creating yield farming opportunities across multiple blockchains.

Ariadne enables users…

In preparations for the upcoming APYS/DSCPL LP reward program, we would like to discuss its guidelines. The main idea behind the program is to support and incentivize APYS and DSCPL token holders.


  1. The program reward fund is nominated in USDT and distributed every two weeks. The rewards are shared…

DSCPL token serves as the main means of payment within applications running on the DISCIPLINA blockchain.

They facilitate the interaction between teachers and students, removing territorial boundaries between them.

Besides the internal circulation, tokens are available for those who want to invest in the DISCIPLINA’s development in exchange for rewards. For these purposes, their team came up with an LP-reward program, where users are incentivized to stake LP-tokens.

Those who add liquidity to the APYS/DSCPL liquidity pool on Pancakeswap will get USDT rewards.

Both of the LP tokens can be purchased at Pancakeswap. Here are the contract address details for each of them:

APYS BEP-20 contract address:

DSCPL BEP-20 contract address:

And here is a link to the liquidity pool itself:

You may find the full participation details by visiting DISCIPLINA’s tutorial:

In preparations for the upcoming LP reward program with DISCIPLINA, we decided to make a short explainer on liquidity pools.

As a brief reminder, we are launching an APYS/DSCPL LP staking pair at Pancakeswap with the provision of USDT incentivization. Our partners at DISCIPLINA were kind enough to publish the…

LP reward program is coming to APYSwap with the help of guys over at DISCIPLINA.

A week ago, we announced our partnership with DISCIPLINA and our joint plans for launching the LP reward program. We are pleased to announce that both the DSCPL token holders and APYS token holders will…

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with DISCIPLINA!

Together, we will launch an LP-reward program, aimed at DISCIPLINA and APYSwap communities. DSCPL/APYS LP staking pair will be available at Pancakeswap with an additional USDT incentivization.

Moreover, as DISCIPLINA is setting its sights on multi-chain provision of its services…

Disclaimer: following the inquiries, we would like to clarify something. We assure you that APYS token is not going anywhere, we are simply changing the technology behind bridging APYS to other networks from our own to the new one, developed by Solbridge. …


APYSwap Foundation is established to inspire and support new projects using the APYSwap ecosystem.

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