Disclaimer: following the inquiries, we would like to clarify something. We assure you that APYS token is not going anywhere, we are simply changing the technology behind bridging APYS to other networks from our own to the new one, developed by Solbridge. In addition, Solbridge will have its own token, BRDG, separate from APYS (though you will be able to stake APYS for farming BRDG in the future, more details on that later).

We are bringing you some exciting news! Solbridge is now live, and it supports every network APYSwap bridged to in the past, namely Ethereum, BSC, HECO, Polygon…

Ambassador program has arrived! APYSwap Foundation is an incubation program designed to help developers who are interested in creating the projects within the field of cross-chain.

We are looking to attract influencers to spread the word about APYSwap and its groundbreaking projects in every corner of the world. The Foundation’s first project, Solbridge, aims to connect DeFi service providers across a number of different chains. It will start off as a bridge from Solana to the EVM-networks and over time evolve into a DAO-style multi-chain hub, establishing connections between the EVM and non-EVM networks.

This ambassador campaign targets passionate community…

In this entry, we would like to discuss the process of signature validation. As mentioned before, Validators always keep track of bridge smart contracts logs, on the lookout for new transactions. When a transaction is detected, it has to go through the signature validating process. Let us explain it with a simple example.

Assume that validator tracks Blockchain A (source blockchain) and detects a new transaction request. It verifies the transaction and sends its signature to the bridge if the transaction is correct. …

Back in our previous article, we teased the concept of validators. However, how exactly do they work?

Validators are the defining feature of Solbridge. By design, every transaction has to be confirmed by several independent sources. We view Validator as such an independent source. Validator is a server, synched up with the blockchains and the bridge. Another system’s component is a validator — a person who sets up this server.

The server is connected to the Bridge, which is a smart contract on Solana blockchain. Validator synchronizes with one blockchain, available on SolBridge. …

Over the course of these four weeks, we have launched four amazing NFTs with the help of our partners over at First NFT Agency.

Together, we were able to produce inspiring pieces of work, and we are happy that so many of you decided to participate in the event. It was our pleasure to bring the shared ownership of the NFTs to the BSC community.

We would like to remind you that only those who tweeted and completed the form will be eligible to receive rewards for their corresponding share of the NFTs. …

SolBridge was recently announced as the APYSwap Foundation’s first project. We would like to use this opportunity to spotlight some key features, which define SolBridge.

SolBridge was conceived to address the current market needs. Recognizing the strengths cross-chain interoperability has to offer, SolBridge sets out to connect the DeFi services providers from every network within a grand hub, by implementing bridges to the EVM and non-EVM networks alike.

Its end goal is to unite the communities from all corners of blockchain space to operate in a decentralized cross-interoperable ecosystem, allowing them to access the services on the chain of their…

What is Ethereum Virtual Machine?

If you are in the business of developing smart contracts or dApps, you have undoubtedly heard of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The technology has been described as a global supercomputer and has changed the way people interact with the blockchain.

EVM allows the user to create smart contracts, which are essential to allowing Ethereum networks to cut out the middleman involved in deals, essentially making the process decentralized, by being more open, transparent and interoperable.

In essence, EVM is a hosting site where smart contracts and dApps live and interact with one another. If you…

We are expanding our list of bridges by offering access to Polygon (formerly known as Matic network), a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

The bridge is now live, and you can fully utilize its features by visiting our bridge interface. Transfer APYS across a number of supported networks, now also including the option to transfer from and to Polygon (Matic).

Please note that the official Polygon (Matic) address for APYS is:


Always verify that the correct version of the address is used to avoid the loss of funds.

We have also set up…

MEMEpetition has ended, and it’s time to announce the winners. As we worked through the submissions, we noticed how many great memes you guys have sent us. We were excited to see that community embraced the memeing and thoroughly enjoying the event. However, there can only be so many winners.

Let’s start with the top 3 exceptional members, who decisively won in competition.

First place, getting $1000 of APYS — @Equipo16383210;

Second place, getting $750 of APYS — @HarmonyrauhlsS;

Third place, getting $500 of APYS — @FinderOul.

You may find a complete list of winners below:


As a reminder…

Following APYSwap Foundation’s introduction last week, we would like to explore its relation to our token holders and discuss the details about the projects we are going to incubate. We begin by taking a closer look at SolBridge, as this is the first project launching under Foundation’s guidance.

When we created the Foundation, we set out to support APYSwap community. Our main goal is to reward the most valuable community members — our token holders. APYS holders will be offered a staking opportunity to farm the incubated project’s tokens. …


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